Portait of Howard Maxwell
Portrait of Arthur Patterson
Bertrand Russell sits at desk writing
Karl Schwarzschild working in his study
James Van Allen
Arthur Webster standing in a classroom with a blackboard covered with writing
Scott Willenbrock (right) converses with an unidentified student at the blackboard
Portrait of Assony
Dirac Writes on Blackboard
Seymour Lindenbaum
Einstein and Oppenheimer
Group at Gregynog Workshop
Portrait of Blokhintsev Writing
Portrait of Crookes
Arthur Kantrowitz and Alan Kolb conversing
Werner Heisenberg
Informal portrait of George Pierce
Russell Raitt examining seismic records
Glenn Seaborg writing on a blackboard
Robert Watson-Watt, Leo Szilard (speaking) and unidentified at Pugwash Conference


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