Arnold Sommerfeld lecturing on x-ray diffraction
L.B. Okan, Emilio Segre and Edward Teller lecture in front of blackboard
Henry Noyes lecturing in front of blackboard
Yuval Ne'eman conversing with unidentified man
Yuval Ne'eman lecturing at blackboard
Informal portrait of Yoichiro Nambu
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Profile portrait of Jan Kluyver
David Finkelstein
William and James Drummond
Einstein with Yeshiva University Officials
Einstein at Collège de France
Wiss Lecturing
Blackboard at Lawrence Lab announcing the news of the day
Glenn Lectures from the Blackboard
Ronald Mickens, Ronald Mallett and Aakhut E. Bak in Aakhut's class
Frisch Lectures
Students Attend Lecture
Dodge Converses with a Moscow Teacher
Dirac Writes on Blackboard


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