Portrait of James Litster
Bethe Writing on Blackboard
Bragg Demonstrates Experiment
Einstein with Yeshiva University Officials
Gell-Mann Lecturing
Fowler Converses at Interview
Paul Ehrenfest Portrait
Biermann Speaking
Bloch Speaking at APS Meeting
Roy J. Glauber
W. Fairbank, B. Matthias, H. Fairbank at Seminar
Walter Gordy
Anderson with Overhead Projector
Frauenfelder Lecturing
Bardeen, Leggett and Unidentified Man Converse
Mossbauer Conference
Bloch, Eisenstein Converse with Unidentified Man
Fry Speaks at Colloquium
Fierz and Franck at Copenhagen Conf.
Hagan at Conference on Physics of Free Atoms


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