Friedrich Kottler teaching at blackboard
Oskar Klein lecturing before a blackboard
Peter Kruger, Ednor Rowe and E.R. Schrader at the 1968 Summer Study
Informal portrait of Hugh Muir
Portrait of Howard McMahon
Ben Mottelson delivers a lecture
Yoshio Nishina, Seishi Kikuchi, and Niel Bohr converse
Speakers who addressed the eleventh semi-annual x-ray diffraction school
Eugene Parker speaking at the High Energy Seminar in 1961
John Hopfield
William Pollard lecturing at Special Training Division
Informal portrait of Isidor Isaac Rabi
Thorpe Lectures.
Marshall Rosenbluth writing at a very disorganized desk
James Smith writing on a blackboard during lecture
Julian Schwinger and P.T. Matthews talking at Rochester Conference
Frederick Seitz lecturing in front of a blackboard
Henry De Wolf Smyth speaking at a microphone in front of a blackboard
Ernst Stueckelberg writing on the blackboard
Veltman at age 4


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