David Hertzog
Robert Oppenheimer lecturing at blackboard
Wolfgang Panofsky with others at presentation of gifts to Pompidou and other French visitors
Holt Lectures.
David Pines (left) speaks to students at his Outreach Lecture
Isidor Isaac Rabi working in his office
Robert Resnick lecturing at blackboard
Albert Rose demonstrating the path of electrons
Marlan Scully and Leno Pedrotti at Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) summer school
Robert Sard lecturing in classroom
Emilio Segre lecturing at blackboard
George Uhlenbeck and Benjamin Lax
Informal portrait of John Stack
Coleman, Van Atta and Rutter converse
David Wilkinson at blackboard
An unidentified student speaks while pointing to the blackboard, William D. Watson looks on
Victor Weisskopf stands at a blackboard in a lecture hall at a conference in Copenhagen
Yakov Zeldovich in Prague
Willis Lamb
James Langer lecturing


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