Herman Koch with others discussing 300 MeV betatron
Dr. Polykarp Kusch lectures a Dartmouth College class on his researches into molecular beams
Informal portrait of Robert Marshak
Heisenberg and Dürr
Gerry Neugebauer, E. Becklin and C.G. Wynn-Williams stooping beside equipment
Joseph Orenstein lecturing
B. Pullman (France) and H.C. Longuest-Higgens (England) at blackboard lecturing
Wolfgang Pauli lecturing in front of blackboard
Christopher Pethick lecturing
Hurwitz Lecturing
Caricature of William Ramsay
Eric Rogers works with equipment
Henry Norris Russell lecturing at blackboard
Robert Marlatt and David Sutton prepare a demonstration
Edward Teller
William Shockley, Walter Brattain and John Bardeen conversing
Harold Urey
William Swann giving a speech at a podium
Peter Lax writing on black board
Yukawa and Rabi converse at Columbia


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