University of Colorado Cyclotron
View of the beam extraction side of 60-inch cyclotron at the University of Washington
A view of the "cave" at the cyclotron with the 60-inch scattering chamber (center) at the University of Washington
Chicago Cyclotron
View of the 60" scattering chamber at the University of Washington
New type atom smasher was constructed largely at University of California, Los Angeles
General view of the cyclotron at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Emilio Segre working with a 37" cyclotron
Bell Labs Drawing Machine
Booth, Kasetz and Dunning Work with Cyclotron
Peter Kruger at the Loomis Laboratory of Physics in Urbana, IL
World's third cyclotron built by Peter Kruger at the University of Illinois
Peter Kruger and George Green examine magnet and coils of 1-million volt cyclotron
Milo Sampson adjusts the probe assembly inside the University of Indiana's cyclotron
John Richardson (right) adjusts probe on spiral ridge cyclotron while Byron Wright (left) notes down measurements
Uppsala Cyclotron Startup


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