Lisa Porter
L.B. Okan, Emilio Segre and Edward Teller lecture in front of blackboard
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Danzig - interior front court
Goudsmit at Rockefeller Institute
David Finkelstein
Ronald Mickens, Ronald Mallett and Aakhut E. Bak in Aakhut's class
Helfand Lectures
Emilio Segre speaking at podium
Dolan at colloquium
Bloch Lectures
Baym and Bethe Lecture
William Nierenberg in a classroom talking
Baym and Bethe Lecture
Prof. James Phillips lecturing on physics at University of Chicago
Goudsmit Lecturing
Henry Pollak, Sidney Darlington and D.P. Ling in the Mathematical Research Department of Bell Telephone Laboratories
Goudsmit Lecturing
Christopher Pethick, Lillian Hoddeson and Charles Slichter


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