University of Dubuque
University of Dubuque
View of a physics class at the University of Michigan
Lecture hall at Lawrence University
View of an empty classroom at Lawrence University
View of an empty science lab at Lawrence University
Outlook Committee at Langley Research Center
Physics Lab, Hope College
Advanced Lab Hope College
Physics seminar room at Haverford College
A classroom at Haverford College
A lecture room at Haverford College
Reiss Science Center Lecture Amphitheatre at Georgetown University
Lecture hall at Carleton College
John Archibald Wheeler lecturing at blackboard
John Archibald Wheeler lecturing about Space-time
Informal portrait of Lisa Porter
L.B. Okan, Emilio Segre and Edward Teller lecture in front of blackboard
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan


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