Danzig - interior front court
Goudsmit at Rockefeller Institute
David Finkelstein
Ronald Mickens, Ronald Mallett and Aakhut E. Bak in Aakhut's class
Helfand Lectures
Emilio Segre speaking at podium
Steven Weinberg lectures at Princeton University
Fletcher Conducts Hearing Test in a School
Bethe Lectures in Classroom
Bloch Lectures
Andrew Elby and Jake Estis
Bloch Lectures
Klaus Schocken teaching a physics class at the teacher's college
William Nierenberg in a classroom talking
W. Hromanik, Robert (Bob) Marlatt and Ernest M. Lyman in lecture room
Prof. James Phillips lecturing on physics at University of Chicago
Saint Louis University Lecture Hall No. 1 - Physics
Henry Pollak, Sidney Darlington and D.P. Ling in the Mathematical Research Department of Bell Telephone Laboratories
A Physics course being taught in Equador, funded by United Nations Special Fund with UNESCO
Christopher Pethick, Lillian Hoddeson and Charles Slichter


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