Feynman speaking at University of Rochester
Fermi Lectures
Maximov, Bardeen, Ginzburg and Pines Pose for Photo
Dr. Polykarp Kusch lectures a Dartmouth College class on his researches into molecular beams
Rudolf Mossbauer lecturing to physicists assembled at the Mossbauer Conference
Christopher Pathick lecturing
Marshall Rosenbluth lecturing at blackboard
Kai Siegbahn receives applauds from Columbia University chemists and physicists
An unidentified student speaks while pointing to the blackboard, William D. Watson looks on
Victor Weisskopf converses with unidentified students
Dirac Lectures
Roland Good
David Lazarus lecturing
One of three large lecture rooms at Kansas State University
Fermi Lectures to Students
Erikson Demonstrating
Walter Gordy
Lev Gorkov
Gutierrez Lectures on Magnetism


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