Paul Ehrenfest Lecture
Ball and Zachariasen converse
Portrait of Brown
Edwin A. Jackson in a classroom
Robert Marshak lecturing at a blackboard during a Moscow Conference
Lars Onsager and Cecil Lane on the occasion of Cecil Lane's retirement from Yale University
Hutchisson lecturing
Arthur Schawlow (right) receives a standing ovation from a physics class
Informal portrait of John Stack
Alvin Weinberg lectures to a class
Artsimovich at Blackboard
Fuller Teaches Course
Gell-Mann Lecturing
Otto Lummer in lecture hall on his 60th birthday
Members of the University of Michigan 'Small C' Mathematics Club in 1929
Paul Ehrenfest Portrait
Allen speaking at Centennial Colloquium Series
Baym Lectures
Hans Daniel Jensen at 1934 Copenhagen Conference


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