Robert Marshak lecturing at the Rochester Conference in 1955
Robert Oppenheimer standing left with back toward blackboard
Hutchisson lecturing
John R. Schrieffer at podium giving lecture to class
James Stith (right) in uniform watching a student working on equipment
Steven Weinberg lecturing using an overhead projector
Balinkin Works with Filtergraph
Gale Lectures
Hutchisson lecturing.
Martin Buerger, Harold Wyckoff, and Kathleen Lonsdale
Attendees of the Theoretical Physics Colloquium at the University of Michigan in 1929
Glashow Lectures
Paul Ehrenfest Group Portrait
Anderson with Overhead Projector
Photo of Edelsack, Ginzburg, and Clark
Guan and Anderson
Robert Marshak attends the Moscow Conference
B. Pullman (France) and H.C. Longuest-Higgens (England) at blackboard lecturing
Joseph Reynolds, Ted Berlincourt, Cecil Lane and Bill Fairbank at Cecil's retirement from Yale
John R. Schrieffer at podium giving lecture to class


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