Group of attendees from the Conference of Cosmic Rays
William Swann with unidentified others walking outdoors
Informal portrait of Robert Sharp
Unidentified woman (left) and Frau Senftleben (right) enjoying the outdoors
Portrait of Elfriede Segre
Emilio Segre, Edoardo Amaldi, Unidentified, Ugo Amaldi and Giovanni Enriques enjoying the outdoors
M. Jakobson and Emilio Segre conversing outdoors
Emilio Segre standing near Lowshare - Nuclear Explosive Package
Emilio Segre fishing at Valle Grande
Emilio Segre at Los Alamos during the time of the Manhattan Project
Roy Schwitters with J.D. Jackson hiking
A Marcel Schein's cosmic-ray experiment at Chicago
Wallace Sargent with others at a pub lunch
Funeral procession for Andrei Sakharov
Group at the International Conference on Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasmas (ICPSCP)
Peter Stetson at CT10
L.A. Sommer, W. Heisenberg, J. Franck and Gunther Cario biking
Informal portrait of Slava Saransev
A.J. Rutgers and Hendrik Casimir sitting outdoors
1985 E632 meeting attendees


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