Silicon ribbon crystals
Goldman, Shechtman and Steinhardt Attend APS Meeting
Cady Writes on the Blackboard.
Horton and Morrison observe television receivers
Eugene Gordon and Conway LeCraw
Arthur Schawlow (left) adjusts a ruby optical maser
Bloembergen with Maser
L.G. van Uitert
Joan Brown Receives Certificate
Donald Stockbarger saws a three inch crystal into sections for use in optical research apparatus
Donald Stockbarger removing a three inch crystal from the thin platiunum crucible
Irnee D'Haenens working with Spectrum Gap-Filler
Donald Stockbarger removing crucible from furnace in which lithium fluoride crystals were grown
Demonstration of Laser-pumped Maser Technique
Donald Stockbarger in his laboratory holding a quartz mercury arc.


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