Nuclear energy

Stagg Field, University of Chicago
NYT Atomic Energy Article
The jointed block test in the Near Surface Test Facility utilizes pressure from hydrolic flat jacks
Aerial view of Gable Mountain, Washington
Large-scale thermomechanical tests are conducted in the Near-Surface Test Facility (NSTF) 150 feet below the ground surface
Artist's concept of the Near Surface Test Facility
Portrait of Maurice de Broglie
Aerial view of Zero Gradient Proton Synchrotron (ZGS)
Portrait of Henry Eyring
Magnet built in 1952-53 for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studies at Stanford University
Gottow Kummersdorf
Drawing of Chicago Pile 1
Haigerloch Uranium Cache
German Uranium Machine 1945
Goudsmit in a Jeep
Fermi, Anderson and Marshall Converse
Dobrotin, Prakash, Hara, Hoffman, and Gaunt plan conference


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