Alan White's assistant Savard (Skip) J. Hassel working with equipment for Helium Neon Laser project
Ronald Mallett in his office lecturing to graduate students
Dylla with FEL Wiggler
Dylla Shows Free-Electron Laser
Bernhardt in lab
The laser head (in the middle), the four-prism tuning system and the tuning mirror (in the front), and the F.P.I. with the output mirror at the back
Wide angle view of (6) 20 amplifier chains in Shiva laser system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Russian Scientists Savor Success
(A) the laser spectrum as obtained with the four-prism system in the laser cavity; (B) The laser spectrum as obtained in the absence of any dispersive elements in the laser cavity
Looking down along six of the 20 amplifier chains of the Shiva laser at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The spectrum of the unstabilized narrow-band flashlamp-pumped dye laser as obtained with a F.P.I. and a four-prism system in the laser cavity
Esfahan Symposium
GaAs Lasers
Izuo Hayashi and Morton Panish
Fugate Pioneers Technique in Optics
Goldman Works with New Laser Concept


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