A unidentified graduate student adjusting the counter on a solenoidal beta ray spectrometer
A view of the "cave" at the cyclotron with the 60-inch scattering chamber (center) at the University of Washington
KAO team
Steve Willner, Tom Soifer and Bob Walker working with a spectrometer
Working on KAO
Working on KAO
Hans-Peter Roeser directs the installation of his heterodyne spectrometer
Judith Pipher, Larry Helfer and Terry Herter with the Cornell mid-infrared grating spectrometer
Sue Madden is checking detector biases on the Ames Cryogenic Grating Spectrometer (CGS)
Davenport, Haas, Burgdorf, Erickson, Colgan 1985
Alan Moorwood with others by a Batateau's high-resolution far-infrared Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Encrenza, Tecacheux, Michel, Gautier and Zeau with Equipment.
Friess Spectrometer at Yerkes Observatory, circa 1898
Chatterjee Working with a Large Magnetic Particle Spectrometer
John Reynolds with one of his glass mass spectrometers for rare gas analyses
Roger Wilkinson with beta-gamma directional correlation magnetic spectrometer
R. Fox Holds Electron Multiplier
Raymond Paschke and Robert Shilman Chang examine an ampule of ammonium carbonate
Aston's Mass Spectrograph


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