A unidentified graduate student adjusting the counter on a solenoidal beta ray spectrometer
A view of the "cave" at the cyclotron with the 60-inch scattering chamber (center) at the University of Washington
KAO team
Steve Willner, Tom Soifer and Bob Walker working with a spectrometer
Working on KAO
Working on KAO
Hans-Peter Roeser directs the installation of his heterodyne spectrometer
Judith Pipher, Larry Helfer and Terry Herter with the Cornell mid-infrared grating spectrometer
Sue Madden is checking detector biases on the Ames Cryogenic Grating Spectrometer (CGS)
Davenport, Haas, Burgdorf, Erickson, Colgan 1985
Alan Moorwood with others by a Batateau's high-resolution far-infrared Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Encrenza, Tecacheux, Michel, Gautier and Zeau with Equipment.
Chatterjee Working with a Large Magnetic Particle Spectrometer
John Reynolds with one of his glass mass spectrometers for rare gas analyses
Roger Wilkinson with beta-gamma directional correlation magnetic spectrometer
Friess Spectrometer at Yerkes Observatory, circa 1898
Blewett at controls of mass spectrometer
Fastie at Wallops Island Launch Facility
High resolution spectrometer without cover at the National Bureau of Standards


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