Palomar Observatory Telescope Lens
Three unidentified men inside of the Alvan Clark and Sons Telescope Factory
One of Robert Williams Wood's prism tables
Giaever Conducts Experiment
Franck Works in Lab
View of the Berkeley Bevatron experiment at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Bloembergen and Lallemand
Bell Labs Ferpic
Bloembergen in Laboratory
Laser experiment setup
Bloembergen in Laboratory
Alvan G. Clark and Carl A. R. Lundin sit alongside the heavy cell which contains the 2-element Yerkes observatory 40-inch lenses
Cady Stands Near Camera
Clacey works with equipment
Glenn Works with Projection
Hale Helioscope
William Meggers holding an optical target in a laboratory
William Meggers with optical equipment in a laboratory
William Meggers holding a lense


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