African American scientists

Ron Buckmire, Abba Gumel, Ronald Mickens and Talitha Washington at 2013 Joint Mathematics meeting
Ronald Micken's living room at his home in Atlanta
James Mickens and his father, Ronald Mickens, after James received his PhD in Computer Science
Ronald Mickens and his son, James Mickens, in the backyard of their home in Atlanta, GA
Ron Mickens, Virginia Holladay, Rod Deans, and Unidentified eating lunch
Sandra Rucker, Ronald Mickens, J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr. and Earl R. Barnes at lunch
Monica Jackson, Erica N. Walker, Ronald E. Mickens, Brett Sims, Glenora Dent, Talitha Washington and Gwendolyn Irby at MAA Mathfest
Weizhong Dai, Lisha Wang, Jean M.S. Lubuma and Lih-Ing Wu Roeger at AMS Sectional Meeting/AMS Special Session
Ron Mallett and Ron Mickens sharing a joke after lecture
Ron Mickens, Leah Mickens, Sekazi Mtingwa at American Physical Society (APS) meeting
William (Bill) Massey, James Mickens and Ron Mickens at 19th CAARMS Conference
Justin B. Munyakazi and Ronald E. Mickens near Atlanta University library
Ronald Mickens, Chris Bowman, Abba Gumel, Unidentified and Elamin H. Elasha from the top of the ski-lift at Snowbird, Utah
Ronald C. Mickens (center) with a group of "outseen" students outside of Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens with a group of "outseen" students at Everybody's Restaurant
Ronald Mickens at Everybody's Pizza with three of the graduate students
Ronald Mickens and Talitha Washington in Micken's office at Clark Atlanta University
Shari Watkins and Ronald E. Mickens pose for a photo in Micken's office after an interview
Ronald Mickens (right) with Prof./Dr. Charmayne Patterson in office
Ronald Mickens, Ronald Mallett and Aakhut E. Bak in Aakhut's class


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