Frederic, Irene Joliot-Curie and E. Allais rest from skiing
Portrait of Gerard Bauer
Ettore Majorana with family on Etrio Mountain
Franco Rasetti and Emilio Segre at Cervino
Clayton and Seeger at Los Alamos
William Meggers shoveling snow
The Reiche family outdoors in the snow
Fermi and Unidentified Others Take a Break.
William F. Meggers and the Cullens conversing outdoors
Informal portrait of Abner Shimony
Fermi (third from left) Prepares to Ski
Heisenberg and Bloch
Manfred Schroeder skiing at Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire
Niels Bohr Skis
Fermi and Others on Skiing Trip
Tuxer Joch Peak
Robert Sharp (center) speaking with unidentified people
Niels Bohr Skiing
Fermi Cross Country Skiing
Heisenberg and Sons


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