Barrage balloon used for instrumentation at Los Alamos Trinity site
Demonstration of One-Atom Detection
Dodge with equipment
Dan Lester, Jesse Bregman, Harriet Dinerstein, Fred Witteborn, and Mr. Harold Crean on the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO)
Gerard Kuiper checking Optical Alignment
View of a Gridiron Pendulum
View of Magdeburg Hemispheres
View of Thermometer and Aneroid Barometer
View of a Electrophorous
View of a Brewster's Fringe Apparatus
Set of three Convex and Concave Mirrors
View of a diffraction grating
View of Diffraction gratings
View of a microscope manufactured by R&J Beck
View of a Photometer
View of a Prism mounted on a stand
View of a Prism, compound mounted on a stand
Apparatus Used by Dalton
View of Sacharimeters
Apparatus Used by Dalton


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