William Meggers with others at Mount Wilson Observatory
James Clerk Maxwell with his mother, Frances Cay
Hedwig Kohn's nephew, Gerhart Hancke, with friend
Hedwig Kohn's nephew, Gerhart Hancke
Hedwig Kohn or cousin Hetty as a child
Henry Kendall with small child
Isidor Isaac Rabi with a camera
Ronald Mickens's daughter, Leah Mickens, in his office
Urry with Her Daughters in Hawaii
Building with Plaque in Center
Street Scene Germany
Street Scene Germany
Soldiers Converse with Wool Mill Proprietor
Child playing in rubble
Child Playing in the Rubble
Child playing in rubble
Fermi and Others at Picnic
Dodge Family and Unidentified Others
Dodge with Wife and Daughter
Dodge with Family Members


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