George Hale
Maria Goeppert Mayer with daughter, Marianne
Heisenberg and Sons
Ben, Martha, and Daniel Mottelson in their Copenhagen home
Frank Press shaving with unidentified boy in background
Andrei Sakharov with his granddaughter, Anya
George and Olke Uhlenbeck
Masahiro Wakatani with Yasuko (wife) and daughter, Yoko (left)
Lawrence Family in New Haven
L-R: Born's daughter-in-law, Born and grandson, wife
Einstein Outdoors
Bloembergen Family
Wife and Child of Dennison
Barton's Young Daughters Play Outdoors
George Hale
Portrait of William Meggers in 1889
Heisenberg and Sons
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Mrs. Walter Huxford
Andrei Sakharov and Georgi Sakharov (Andrei's brother)


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