Steve Hickman
Family of Samuel Williams
Danburg with Daughter
Gilbert Plass at six months of age with his mother, Annette Plass
Samuel Williams building blocks with his son
Portrait of Armbruster
Jack and Jackie Purcell with infant
Samuel Williams holding his son
Armbruster and Mother
Richard Rossiter and his granddaughter, Caroline, at Rossiter's Bloemfontein
Samuel Williams holding his infant son; the man in the chair is unidentified
Armbruster with Son
Jane Rossiter, Richard Rossiter and their granddaughter, Caroline, at Rossiter's Bloemfontein
Swenson and Dugdale leaving building
Armbruster and Grandchildren
Mary Sandage and son, Alan Sandage and W. W. Morgan at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting
Albert Einstein conversing with his daughter, Margot
Astronomy Group in Venice
Wilhelm Schutz with wife, Lucy Menzing, and young son
UNESCO Pilot Project on physics teaching in Sao Paulo, Brazil


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