Albert Einstein conversing with his daughter, Margot
Astronomy Group in Venice
Wilhelm Schutz with wife, Lucy Menzing, and young son
UNESCO Pilot Project on physics teaching in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Portrait of Clarence Darrow Family
Prof. Bassam Shakhashiri's chemistry lecture
Portrait of a Young Karl Darrow
Lars Silverberg with family on sabbatical year in Minnesota
Gamow and Group Play Game
Browns at Picnic
Goudsmit in Italy
Portrait of Boynton Family
Hendrik Kramers sitting on a bench, playing with his grandson, Leiden
John and William Meggers, sons of William Meggers, working on home for John's guinea pigs
Heisenberg and Sons
Wolfgang Panofsky with the young son of Sasha Skrinsky in Novosibirsk
Erna Rashba, Inga Buimistrova, Emmanual Rashba, Grigorii Pikus, Sergei Broude, and Vladimir Broude in Kaniv, Ukraine
Julian Schwinger, David R. Inglis and Edward Teller (holding his son, Paul) at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
Martinus Veltman
Eugene Wigner (left) with his sister, Berta


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