Giaever with family
Professors' Balloon Excursion
Frank's Wife and Fraydas' Daughter
Bainbridge with Daughter
Informal Portrait of the Frenkel Family
Bohr Sits Outdoors at Summer House
Hedwig Kohn (left) with Gerhart Hancke, her nephew
William Meggers with his son and daughter playing music
Elisabeth Heisenberg and Son
Albert Overhauser with family and bicycles
Fermi Lab Picnic
The Schroeder Family: Marion, Anny, Alexander, Manfred, and Julian
Veltman at age 4
Eugene Wigner (standing in front) with his mother and two sisters, Berta and Margrit
Giaever with His Daughters
Lorentz and Millikan
Gamow and Group Play Game
Browns at Picnic
Goudsmit in Italy
Portrait of Boynton Family


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