Eugene Wigner with his second wife, Mary Wheeler-Wigner, and children
Landau children
John Meggers, son of William Meggers, with his guinea pig pets
Bloembergen Sailing
Aitken Child in Hammock
Astronomy Group in Venice
Fermi and family
Danburg with Family
Ettore Majorana's mother Dorina with his siblings
Ronald Mickens seated in soap-box derby car with Herbie Gould
Heisenberg Family
Linus Pauling sitting outdoors with his son in Pasadena, California
Henry Norris Russell as an infant with his mother
Emilio Segre with first wife, Elfriede, and their children
Masahiro Wakatani (far right) with first daughter Seiko converses
Edson Wolcott with sisters, Ina Belle Wolcott and Adella Zoe Wolcott
Elfriede (wife), Fausta (daughter), Claudio (son), Amelia (daughter), and Emilio Segre
William Meggers, son of William Meggers, playing with airplane models
Bohr with grandson, Christian
Aitken's Child


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