Theodore Maiman with his wife and daughter
Albert Michelson and others in front of Ryerson Physical Laboratory at the University of Chicago
Heisenberg Family
Portrait of Wolfgang Pauli as a child
Portrait of Sarah Countess of Rumford, daughter of Benjamin Rumford
Tolman as child
Childhood photo
Portrait of Erika Zimmerman, daughter of Eugene Wigner
Landau children
Robert Karplus's children
Pikes Peak Summit
Aitken with Family and Teacher
Broxon and Family
Goresy and Alia Clayton
Bardeen, Hatoyama and Grandson Chuck on Golf Course
Ettore Majorana when he was an young boy
Albert Michelson's daughter, Madeline (at left)
Heisenberg Family
Ava Helen Pauling, wife of Linus Pauling, holding their son
Henry Norris Russell, his wife, and four children


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