Heisenberg and grandfather
Debye with Kathrin and Dorothee Simon
Portrait of Henry Norris Russell as a child
Harlow Shapley (right) with his oldest sons, Lloyd and Willis, on the beach
Masahiro Wakatani with unidentified women at his daughter's Seiko Wakatani (left) wedding
Alfred Lande's Son
Hale Family
Young Norman Ramsey and family
Darrow Stands Outdoors with Group.
Children Playing behind Lick Observatory
Portrait of Karl Darrow
Portrait of Bromley as a Child
Ettore Majorana's uncle Professor Dante, wife Sara and son Salvatore
Philip Morse with children playing outdoors
Heisenberg Family
Kathrin Simon, Walther Nernst, Mrs. Nernst; and Dorothee Simon outdoors
Portrait of Willard Severinghaus
Harlow Shapley with his three eldest grandchildren
Masahiro Wakatani (right) with daughters Seiko and Ayako


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