Women in science

Hedwig Kohn with others at Otto Lummer's birthday
Portrait of Leona Marshall
Reinhold Mannkopff having tea with others
Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Rudolf Ladenburg and Joseph Mayer in Washington D.C.
Unidentified woman with William Meggers receiving the Spectroscopy Award from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh
Lise Meitner (left) and Paul Ehrenfest (right) walking down stairs outdoors in Rome, Italy
Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Staff and Visitors, Summer 1970
Portrait of Hogg
Portrait of Melba Phillips
Carolyn Leach Huntoon
Portrait of Fay Ajzenberg-Selove
Sally Ride (far left) and Rhea Seddon (center) participating in a water survival training exercise
Nancy Roman works with a model of the Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO)
Nancy Roman (right) and William Deutschman (left) converse at the Smithsonian
Portrait of Vera Rubin
Vera Rubin standing by the Lowell Observatory 72-in telescope
Andrei Sakharo (foreground) with unidentified women in Moscow
Unidentified man, W.G. Shepherd, Glenn Seaborg, and Bri Hintz visiting a laboratory
Virginia Trimble
Charles Slichter, Unidentified man, and Judy Franz converse


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