Chen Ning Yang Medal of Science
Robert R. Wilson, Frederick Seitz, William Ewing, President Richard Nixon at the National Medal of Science Award ceremony
President Reagan Presents Medal to Buchsbaum
Crane Receives Medal from President Reagan
Feshbach Receives Medal from President Reagan
Gibbons and President Clinton
Robert Hofstadter Medal of Science
Reagan Presents Fermi Award to Seth Neddermeyer, 1983
1983 Fermi Award goes to Seth Neddermeyer
President Ronald Reagan presenting a Medal of Science award to Bernard Oliver
Hans Liepmann Medal of Science
President Clinton with Stephen Hawking
President Johnson addresses APS
Marie Curie and President Harding
President Reagan and Derr
Vera Rubin shakes hands with President Bill Clinton and Vice Presidence Al Gore
Anderson and Reagan
Alvarez and President Johnson
Bromley Shakes Hands with Reagan
Erwin Schrodinger, Max Born, K. Lonsdale, Irish President and scholar Douglas Hyde (in wheelchair), P.P. Ewald and Irish Prime Minister E. De Valera


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