Anderson and Reagan
Alvarez and President Johnson
Bromley Shakes Hands with Reagan
Erwin Schrodinger, Max Born, K. Lonsdale, Irish President and scholar Douglas Hyde (in wheelchair), P.P. Ewald and Irish Prime Minister E. De Valera
Bell and Gardner applaud for Reagan
Alvarez Receives Collier Trophy
Pres. Reagan and Bromley Shake Hands
Glenn Seaborg receiving the National Medal of Science from President George Bush
Bromley and Bush conversing
Presentation of the National Medal of Science Award, 1977
Graham, Kerwin, Reagan, and Bromley in the Oval Office
The Atomic Pioneer Awards ceremony at the White House
Bromley, Pres. Bush and Unidentified Man converse.
Group shot with Baski
President Ronald Reagan converse with George Keyworth
Glenn Seaborg, Edward Teller, President John F. Kennedy, and unidentified woman at Fermi Award ceremony
Everitt and Boring
Bush, Sununu and Bromley conversing
President Eisenhower laughs with his Science Advisory Committee
Glenn T. Seaborg (left) and Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ, second from left) presenting Atomic Energy Commission's (AEC) Enrico Fermi Award to J. Robert Oppenheimer


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