Bardeen, Bratain, Verwey, and Mayor of Amsterdam
Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy and John Phelps talking
Senator Kenndy talks with Physics Today's John Phelps
Louis Roberts and Tip O'Neill (center of photo) converse
Horwitz and Kennedy converse
Anatole Abragam (Left) converses with Charles De Gaulle (right), French Prime Minister
Kennedy and Horwitz converse
Senator Murkowski (left) and Juan Roederer (right) at event
Ted Kennedy and Paul Horwitz
Brode, Herter, Rabi and Killian Converse
Valentine Telegdi
Ted Kennedy and Paul Horwitz
Portrait of George E. Brown
Glenn Seaborg; Otto Kerner, Arthur Theriault, Paul Douglas and others at press conference
Christian Fouchet (left) and Louis Niel (right) converse
De Valera Converses with Frank
Chauncey Suites (left) and President Ronald Reagan (right) at the General Electric Research Laboratory
Senator Charles Percy (R-IL), David Saxon, Leon Lederman, and Alexander Langsdorf
P. Frank, Unidentified, H. Frank and De Valera
Senator Albert Gore, Sr., Alvin Weinberg, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and Sam Saphire at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


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