1988 E632 at Tufts University
E632 at Birmingham, England in 1989
E632 at Talloires 1986
E632 in Moscow 1991
E632 1991 Hawaii
Kim, Muranaka, Sueda, Morrison, Feynman, Chong, Llewellyn Smith, and Perkins at conference
Sakurai, Politzer, Peterson, Flugge, and Steinberger at conference
Morrison, Llewellyn Smith, Peterson, Feynman, and Perkins at beach
Goudsmit at Rockefeller Institute
Melvin Schwartz, Jack Sandweiss, Martinus Veltman, and Jack Steinberger conversing
Ahmed Zewail speaking
AIP 1987 Governing Board
Einstein and Government Ministers
Society of Rheology Executive Committee Portrait
Society of Rheology Executive Committee Portrait
Emilio Segre meeting with two unidentified people
Porter, Galor, Emilio Segre and Max Delbruck in London
Emilio Segre and others at SCIP Meeting in London
Gordon Research Conferences 1964
Monica Jackson, Erica N. Walker, Ronald E. Mickens, Brett Sims, Glenora Dent, Talitha Washington and Gwendolyn Irby at MAA Mathfest


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