Gruber and Urry Attend Yale Symposium
Urry with Research Group
Attendees at Yerkes Observatory Conference
Helfand Addresses AAS Meeting
Members of the Universities Research Association (URA) Board of Trustees
First High Energy Physics Conference
Leshner Shakes Hands with Dylla at AAAS Forum
Charles and Ann Duke
Kevin Marvel, Linda Rowan and Catherine O'Riordan attend a workgroup
Black, Marvel, Ulvestad and Pisano at Reception
Black, Marvel, Ulvestad and Pisano at Reception
Dresselhaus Receives Award From Brodsky
Brodsky, Freeman and Gehrz at AAS Meeting
Melba Phillips and Herman William Koch eating ice cream at an AIP Corporate Associates Meeting
Steven Weinberg and William Fowler (holding book) stand at the podium smiling
James Stith presenting the 1998 Andrew Gemant Award to Dr. Stephen Hawking
Gordon Research Conference 1958
Int' Conf. on Fermi Surface Metals
Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology


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