Yoichiro Nambu (left) is standing with Edward Purcell (right) after winning the Dannie Heineman Prize
Gerhard Herzberg and Luis Alvarez
Hoffman and Alpert
Howard Patton accepts award from William Sproul at Awards Ceremony
Whetten presents AVS award to Holland
William Houston and William Fairbank
David Pines, Lev Gor'Kov, Sir Brian Pippard and Jane Bardeen conversing
Members of the U.S. National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Howard Robinson, Paul Kirkpatrick and Edward Creutz at American Association of Physics Teachers event
Conference honoring Bridgman and Frank
Presentation of Honorary Membership to Paul A. Redhead (left) by William J. Lange
Morton Roberts at the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting
Vera Rubin at the 'Dark Matter, Large Scale Motion, and other Mysteries of the Universe' session
Ann Finkbeiner, Gino Segre, and Julia Cort are the three winners of the 2009 AIP Science Writing Awards
Abdus Salam and Harry Lehmann at the Fifth International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP)
Erwin Schrodinger with others at conference
Edward Teller at NAS Conference
Frederick Seitz makes a speech at a meeting banquet
Mary Lea Heger-Shane delivering a speech at the Mayall Symposium
Lewis Slack, Robert Marks, Herman William Koch, Lawrence Merrill, and Gerald Gilbert holding a meeting in an office


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