Fritz Kalckar and Niels Bohr attends lecture
James Killian and Alan Waterman converse
Laureate Conference
Frauenfelder, Grant and Ford
Harrison E. Farnsworth receiving the Welch Award 1981 from J. R. Arthur, Jr.
Robert Marshak attends the Moscow Conference
Joseph E. Mayer, Rudolf Ladenburg, and Maria Goeppert-Mayer outdoors in Washington, D.C.
Lise Meitner at a Copenhagen Conference
Arkaddi Migdal lecturing at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Centennial Colloquium Series
Heisenberg in Moscow
Herch Nussenzveig, Rene Thom and Michael Berry conversing on a boat
Gerhard Herzberg and Luis Alvarez
Hoffman and Alpert
Howard Patton accepts award from William Sproul at Awards Ceremony
Whetten presents AVS award to Holland
William Houston and William Fairbank
David Pines, Lev Gor'Kov, Sir Brian Pippard and Jane Bardeen conversing
US/China Joint Commission on Sciences
Norman Ramsey speaks at the dedication of American Institute of Physics (AIP) Woodbury Facility
Anatole Abragam at Birmingham Conference


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