ONR panel on solid state physics meeting at Naval Ordnance Test Station
American Airlines public relations photograph showing the arrival of Emilio Segre and his wife in San Francisco
Wreck of Nazi Plane
Wrecked German Plane
Dump of Enemy Planes 1945
Doctor Beth at Friedrichshaven
Thurgood Amid Wreckage of Zeppln
Erfurt Airstrip
Burned Out German Aircraft
Burned Out German Aircraft
Dodge Shakes Hands with Unidentified Man
The Gerard P. Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO): a 0.9-meter-(36-inch) diameter telescope in a Lockheed C-141 "Starlifter" aircraft
Boggess and Low with Jet
Fender and Others Near Hangar
Fender Disembarks F-16
Airplane in Guadeloupe
Irwin and Borgmann at La Serena, Chile
Meshkov, Bjorken and Ne'eman Near Downed Helicopter


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