Eating and drinking

Piero Spillantini and unidentified others at the 2004 European Cosmic Ray Symposium
View of attendees of the Second Conference on Neutron Cross Sections & Technology
Lucy Hensing, Alfred Lande, Schmitz and other unidentified at University of Tubingen
Graduate students and staff members in the Radiation Laboratory at University of Pittsburgh
Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists at a party
J.E. Mack and B.C. Benjamin eating field lunch during survey of "Z"
Attendees at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's 45th Anniversary celebration
D. de Solla Price, Sydney Chapman, Willis Lamb and Charles R. Strutt at Rayleigh Day at Hanscom AFB
Michigan visitors by the Fermilab Tevatron main control room
Harry Lipkin conversing with R.N. Haslam and Peter T. Demos
Attendees at the French National Astronomy Committee Banquet
Group at the International Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Statistical Mechanics
Goudsmit family reunion dinner
Goudsmit family reunion dinner
Jeanne Goudsmit (Samuel Goudsmit's wife) interacting with unidentified others
Eugene Wigner, Schwinger and Keeping conversing
Eugene Wigner speaking at an event
Della Wiegand, Tae Nagamiya, H. Steiner, Clyde Wiegand and Rae Stienings celebrating
John Archibald Wheeler (center) conversing with uidentified males
Victor Weisskopf conversing with unidentified people at an event


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