Wind record at Cerro Morado
Hurricane record separation at 97 knots from Cerro Morado
Electromagnetic Radiation Chart
Group of unidentified workers assemble for a for signing of a chart with Admiral Hyman Rickover (front right).
Group of unidentified workers assemble for a photo with Admiral Hyman Rickover.
The First Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Informal portrait of Howard Reiss
James Sanford giving a presentation
Stephen Schneider looking at map on clear panel
William Stephenspoints out entrance hatch on cut-away version of the University of Pennsylvania's recently purchased one-million dollar 'atom smasher'
Sir Charles Wright working during the Terra Nova Expedition
Sau Lan Wu points to chart
Geller Winner of MacArthur Fellowship Prize
Edwin Hamilton
Robert W. Wilson checking the receiver calibration on the sun tracker's chart recorder
Nancy Roman (right) and Edwin Aldrin look at a map of The Heavens
Willem Luyten lecturing with chart that reads: 'Absolute Visual Magnitude' and 'Spectral Types'
Cameron Lecturing


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