Roy Schwitters lecturing at the 'Prospects for Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century' session
Cyclotron gathering in Berkeley
Bubble chamber photograph of the production of the Omega Minus
Same region of the sun, showing the hydrogen flocculi
Cady Writes on the Blackboard.
Diagram of Diameters of Elastic Atoms
Michelson and Morley apparatus mounted on a stone block floating in a pool of mercury
C.C. Murdock (left) of Cornell University presenting charter for Corning Sigma Xi Club to Gail Preston Smith
Beams at Blackboard
Photograph taken in a 20-inch liquid hydrogen bubble chamber of an anti-proton (1) colliding with a proton
The presence of intense magnetic fields in sunspots
Charpak Draws on Blackboard
Fowler Prepares to Lecture
Morton Kaplon and Bernard Peters preparing for balloon flight
Schematic diagram of the Michelson interferometer
Roman Smoluchowski lecturing at blackboard
Bloch Lecturing
This liquid hydrogen bubble chamber photograph is the third observation of the production of a negatively charged Omega-meson
Same region of the sun showing the clacium flocculi


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