Birthday parties

Yoseph Imry
Della Wiegand, Tae Nagamiya, H. Steiner, Clyde Wiegand and Rae Stienings celebrating
Elsie McMillan, Emilio and Rosa Segre at Segre's birthday party
Elsie McMillan at Segre's 75th birthday party
Hedwig Kohn with others at Otto Lummer's birthday
Hedwig Kohn with others at Otto Lummer's birthday
Paul Zweifel
Albert and Elsa Einstein at Roosevelt Fête
James Chadwick Birthday Party
Bardeen's 79th Birthday
Dodge blowing out his birthday cake candles
Dodge with birthday cake
Homer Dodge's Birthday
Segre's 75th Birthday Party
Group photo from Stephen Hawking's 60th Birthday Celebration, Workshop, and Conference
Symposium in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Hans Frauenfelder
Howard Shugart with others at Emilio Segre's 75th birthday party
Charlotte Moore Sitterly at her 90th birthday party
The Bohr Family
Group with Fowler's Train


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