Birthday parties

The cake for Emilio Segre's 75th birthday
Otto Lummer (foreground, left of center) and others on his 60th birthday
Clayton and Fowler Attend Conference
Toichiro Kinoshita (left) and Lee Tsung-Dao (right) conversing
Charles Donald Shane (standing) delivering a speech to Kathleen and Nicholas Mayall (seated) at the Mayall Symposium
Lady Chadwick and John Cockcroft conversing
Clayton and Solomon Converse at Cornell
Torben Huus
Mary Lea Heger-Shane delivering a speech at the Mayall Symposium
Lady Chadwick, Chadwick and Cockcroft Conversing
Clayton, E. Salpeter and M. Salpeter Converse
Lew Kowarski looking through a scrapbook on 'Chadwick's 75th birthday'
William Swann (third from the left playing a cello) with a quartet, playing a concert
Lady Chadwick Conversing
Englert Birthday Party
Edwin McMillan with Rosa Segre at his birthday party
Chadwick's 75th Birthday
Lady Chadwick Converses
Crane Celebrates his 95th Birthday
Alex Merrison, Lady Chadwick and unidentified others at James Chadwick's 75th birthday celebration


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