Gian Carlo Wick at retirement party from Columbia University
Ford and Wheeler
Ford at Fratterigo's Retirement
Dinner in the honor of Frederick Bates's retirement from the National Bureau of Standards
Bethe and Weisskopf Converse
A. J. Ahearn, J. B. Johnson, B. L. Wegel, and A. H. White at Bell Labs, Lester Germer's Retirement
Speakers and guests at the Princeton Symposium for Rudolf Ladenburg's retirement
Dalitz Speaks at Peierls' Retirement Symposium
Gagge, Bromley, Lane, Fairbanks, and Bockelman at retirement symposium
Lars Onsager and Cecil Lane on the occasion of Cecil Lane's retirement from Yale University
Albert Wattenberg at his retirement party
Portrait of J. Fisk
Dalitz and Edwards Converse
Bromley, Pelikan, Hughes, Watson Converse
Wattenberg's Retirement Party
Mrs. Wattenberg, Albert Wattenberg and unidentified persons listen to speakers at Wattenberg's retirement party
Leon Lederman
Portrait of Dalitz
Carl Kiess, Keivin Burns, and William Meggers at Carl Kiess' Retirement party
Hughes and Kinoshita in New Haven


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