Fermi and Unidentified Others in Rowboat
Mistry, Jackson and Goulianos at Brandeis
Ralph Kronig and Enrico Fermi stand on a beach near Zurich, Switzerland
Madison in Summer
Group Including A. Bohr and N. Hintz Outdoors
Ettore Majorana with his sisters, Rosina and Maria.
Group in Kyoto
A. Bohr Converses with his Mother
Heisenberg with the Atkinsons
Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Joseph Mayer, Robert Atkinson, Paul Ehrenfest and Lars Onsager conversing outdoors at University of Michigan
Heisenberg and Sons
Attendees of a University of Michigan Summer Session in 1934
Brown Fishing
Heisenberg Children
Colgate at Hoyle's Institute for Theoretical Astronomy
Heisenberg Family
Clayton, Sargent and Fowler Converse


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