Urry and Fellow Workers at Swimming Pool
Telegdi Swimming
Telegdi on Beach
Telegdi on Guadeloupe
Telegdi at Beach
Robert Lee Walker and William Delany Walker on the Dnieper Beach
Ralph Kronig and Enrico Fermi stand on a beach near Zurich, Switzerland
Ettore Majorana with his sisters, Rosina and Maria.
Informal portrait of William Meggers outdoors
Heisenberg with the Atkinsons
Philip Morse with children playing outdoors
J. David Jackson and Konstantin Goulianos relaxing at Mondello, Sicily
David and Unna Rowe, (foreground) and Norton Hintz take a break outdoors by a lake
A. J. Rutgers (right) an an unidentified woman outdoors at a swimming spot
Bloch Contemplates Swimming
Professor Erwin Schrodinger (with goggles) swims in the Danube
Bok near Swimming Pool
George Uhlenbeck


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