High pressure (Science)

Measuring Circuit
Two Hydraulic Pumps
Goddard Supervises Rocket Adjustments
Squared Press and Press for Shearing Apparatus
Shorting Pumps
An unidentified technician loosens the huge bolts on the frontal plate of a high pressure cloud chamber
Gas Apparatus
Bundy with High Pressure Apparatus
Ten solid state physicists from the People's Republic of China visit the Physics Department at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Showing Press with Gas Apparatus in background
Emrich Portrait
Press in Laboratory
Goddard and Others Examine Rocket
Equipment in Lyman Laboratory
Goddard Pump-Turbine Rocket
Squared Press and Pumps
Goddard Holding Rocket Cap and Parachute
Press and Pump
Goddard Works on Rocket
Measuring Apparatus


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