Brattain's Nobel Prize
Anatolii Rzhanov lectures at the Conference on Semi-Conductors in Prague
David Lynch working with equipment
Informal group photo at the Second Conference on Semi-Conductors, Amsterdam, July 1954.
Group at Conference on Semi-Conductors in Reading, England in 1950
Portrait of Boyle
Bardeen, Shockley, and Brattain Receive Nobel Prize
Bardeen, Bratain, Verwey, and Mayor of Amsterdam
Brattain, Tauc, and Bardeen
The Transistor
The Original Transistor
Izuo Hayashi
First Precision Heavy Ion Science Data
Semiconductor Injection Diode Laser
The Fairchild/Shockley 8
H.Y. Fan at Purdue
Brattain Lecturing
Unidentified man (left) and Jack Hall Scaff (right) examining part of semiconductor transistor
The Original Transistor


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