NH3 Molecular Oscillators
Unidentified physicist readies a piece of plastic which will be bombarded by billion volt protons in the Cosmotron at Brookhave National Laboratory
The 80-inch liquid hydrogen bubble chamber
Magnet for Isidor Rabi's Molecular Beam
Sciaky electron beam welder with 8 feet x 8 feet x 14 feet chamber
View of the tunnel which comprises the 'Main Ring' at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
A vacuum furnace at University of California - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Magdeburg Experiment Depicted by Von Guericke
R. Fox Holds Electron Multiplier
A vacuum barber shop
Hertha Sponer-Franck with her vacuumspectrograph
One of the tungsten targets is being inserted into a ramrod which can be pushed through an airlock system into the high vacuum detecting position
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