Radio Antennas

Pulsar antenna at the Medicina Radio Observatory
A CARSO beam to Pasadena
Large Concrete Structure in Vienna
Helfand Attends ALMA Dedication
Kevin Marvel working as a summer student at the Very Large Array
Climenhaga at ASA, North of Fairbanks
70-foot vertical antenna array
Second antenna In the Very Large Array is outfitted with electronics by National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Antenna Assembly Building
Solomon Buchsbaum and David Cohen place historic marker where radio astronomy was discovered
Robert W. Wilson (left) and Arno Penzias (right) stand outdoors by Bell Laboratories horn radio antenna
Air Force Long Periodic Antenna
The first ultra-low-noise antenna and receiver combination
Radio Sextant
Airborne Radio Sextant
Calibration horn antenna 120-foot long to measure very accurately intensity of Cassiopeia a radio source
Karl Jansky with rotating antenna
John Kraus making radio field strength measurements
Kato, Gordon, Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Kato
Robert Woodrow Wilson and Arno A. Penzias stand in front of the horn reflecting antenna
Ekers, Kardashev, Stocker, and Cooper with Radioastron Model
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