Portrait of Harrison Randall's wife
Portrait of F. Pascual and his wife
Erika and Lev B. Okun at the Palo Alto Wetlands
Hefland in Costume with Spouse Nearby
Portrait of Fermi's Wife, Laura
Chamberlain with wife
Homer and Margaret Dodge Paddle Canoe
Home and Margaret Dodge Dine
The Dodge's Canoe
Dodge and Spouse at Home in Iowa
Portrait of K. Darrow's Wife
Homer Dodge and Margaret Wing Dodge
Lia Telegdi with Friends
Lia Telegdi in Norway
Balcony in Heidelberg
Balcony in Heidelberg
Telegdi Dinner Party
Lia Telegdi on Deck Chair
Lia Telegdi with Cake
Lia Telegdi at Dinner


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