Emilio and Rosa (second wife) Segre at Berkeley Museum Cubist Ball
Emilio Segre with wife, Rosa, at Berkeley's Nobel Tradition
Emilio Segre and his wife in Bombay area
Portrait of Elfriede Segre, Emilio Segre's first wife
Portrait of Elfriede Segre
Elena Bonner, second wife, with Andrei Sakharov during his funeral
Prof. Carlos Sanchez del Rio and wife
Portrait of Harrison Randall's wife
Portrait of F. Pascual and his wife
Erika and Lev B. Okun at the Palo Alto Wetlands
Emilio Segre with wife and others
California Governor Pat Brown and Mrs. and Professor Emilio Segre
Hefland in Costume with Spouse Nearby
Portrait of Fermi's Wife, Laura
Chamberlain with wife
Emilio and Rosa Segre standing on a stone bridge
Emilio and Elfriede Segre putting on shoes
Elfriede and Emilio Segre sitting
Rosa and Emilio Segre conversing
Homer and Margaret Dodge Paddle Canoe


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