Telegdis on SS Liberte
Portrait of Lia Telegdi
Telegdi with Mountain
Telegdi in Guadeloupe
Telegdi with Others
Teledgis at Cafe
Telegdi Family Picnic
Adone Pietrasanta with his wife, Marie
Heinrich Welker, Paul Ewald and Mrs. Paul Ewald in Munich
Jack and Jackie Purcell with infant
Francis Wiener, Grace Kryter, Britta Wiener and Karl Kryter
Jack Purcell with his wife, Jackie
William Delany and Connie Walker at a Duke University's physics department reception
Eric Rodgers and his wife, Sarah Rodgers
Ivar Waller, Mrs. Waller, Hugh Wolfe and Enrico Fermi at Crystal Lake
Gemant and Wife
Juan Roederer and his wife
Jerome Wiesner and Laya Wiesner at Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard
Astronomy Group in Venice
Mrs. Rosen and Nathan Rosen in Michigan


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